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Fall 2015

After a long break, Nemeton III will resume recording new songs through the rest of 2015. Songs will be released as they are finished. No waiting for an album.

A new Blog has been added to give visitors a perspective on how recording projects are coming along.

Archive: Summer 2015

“Awakening Spring” released and now available on iTunes and Amazon.

The latest Nemeton III album from 2013 “Sanctuary” is available for $4 on Bandcamp and Nimbit



Nemeton III – Ambient Musical Journeys

Instrumental music for your mind, body and soul. Atmospheric. Moving. Soothing. Enchanting. Music For Aural Indulgence.

Nemeton III music blends acoustic, electronic, ambient, celtic, new age elements in a lush soundscape that gives it a mystical, ethereal, otherworldly feel. Some of the music is great for relaxation and meditation. Some of the music is stimulating. But every song is meant to be a musical journey.


What type of music is Nemeton III?

Ambient, instrumental, ethereal, meditation, electronica, atmospheric. space, chill or new age music. “New age” is a dated term these days and many artists distance themselves from that definition. But, yes it does sound like new age music.


The Recording Artist

Nemeton III is a one person project with Bill J Reifenrath on Acoustic Guitar, Irish Harp, Keyboard Synthesizer, Irish Flute, Irish Whistle, Zither, Bodhran, Percussion, and Drum Programming.

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What is a Nemeton?

Nemeton is a Old Celtic word meaning sacred place or sanctuary.


Praise from Fans:

“Wonderful music for my meditation! ”

“True forest of serenity :)

“Love this music, it pulls me in and make me dream”


“Head up in the clouds and dream away with these tracks! Well done!“

“Beautiful! I love the ambient feel to your music very relaxing and soothing to the ears and heart.”

“Beautiful musical tracks! I love the harp playing”

“I’m sincerely enjoying relaxing right now to your wonderful music, it sounds amazing.”


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Support Nemeton III

If you like the music, please purchase it on one of the many available sites for download (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Nimbit, Reverbnation). If you choose to stream it on Spotify or other sites, please join as a paid member so all artists get paid better for their work. Very little compensation reaches the niche artist these days. Fan support is greatly appreciated.