2017 News

I feel it coming. I am feeling a surge of inspiration. I have been trying out new ideas in the studio almost daily. Time is what I have needed and 2017 is finally becoming the year to make consistent new music.

Nemeton 3 has been on a prolonged hiatus but 2017 should be a very exciting year.  So far Nemeton 3 has gotten quite a makeover. Firstly, the name changed from Nemeton III to Nemeton 3 just to keep things simple and make it far easier to find music on various sites. Second, the website got a major makeover with a new logo.  this is a new beginning for Nemeton 3.Download Lucky Patcher Apk

What to expect:

  • I have launched a YouTube channel beyond the usual single and album releases. There will be more exclusive and unique music on Youtube. Be sure to subscribe to the channel. Read more here.
  • I have so many musical ideas in the works and I have a number new ambient songs nearly ready for release.
  • There should be a regular pipeline of new releases coming out nearly monthly.

New Adventures in Recording:

I have recently upgraded my Sonar recording software to the latest Professional version which gives me many new options. I am a long time Cakewalk user and I am excited to try out some new features and learn new tricks. Recording software has a huge learning curve and is a big barrier for a musician to get music distributed. But once you learn how to do it then you can be more productive in music production.  I have 3 songs near release that need finishing touches. the goal is 1 new song a month. Looking forward to the challenge!




Use Bandcamp And Support Artists Better

The preferred method of buying digital downloads for the artist and for the buyer is through Bandcamp. It is cheaper for the buyer and they do take Paypal and credit cards. The latest Nemeton 3 full album from 2013 “Sanctuary” is available for $4 on Bandcamp

“Awakening Spring” from 2015 has been released on Bandcamp.

New songs will be added to Bandcamp as they are released.

Nemeton 3 is available for a limited time on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.




Nemeton 3 – Ambient Musical Journeys

Instrumental music for your mind, body and soul. Atmospheric. Moving. Soothing. Enchanting. Music For Aural Indulgence.

Nemeton 3 music blends acoustic, electronic, ambient, celtic, new age elements in a lush soundscape that gives it a mystical, ethereal, otherworldly feel. Some of the music is great for relaxation and meditation. Some of the music is stimulating. But every song is meant to be a musical journey.

Someone on You Tube commented on song with “Sounds huge! well done!”. Yes, that is the intended impact of Nemeton 3 on the listener.


What type of music is Nemeton 3?

Ambient, instrumental, ethereal, meditation, electronica, atmospheric. space, chill or new age music. “New age” is a dated term these days and many artists distance themselves from that definition. But, yes it does sound like new age music.


Billharp2The Recording Artist

Nemeton 3 is a one person project with William J Reifenrath on Acoustic Guitar, Irish Harp, Keyboard Synthesizer, Irish Flute, Irish Whistle, Bodhran, Percussion, and Drum Programming.





What is a Nemeton?

Nemeton is a Old Celtic word meaning sacred place or sanctuary. 


Praise from Fans:

“Sounds huge! well done!”

“Wonderful music for my meditation! ”

“True forest of serenity 🙂 ”

“Love this music, it pulls me in and make me dream”


“Head up in the clouds and dream away with these tracks! Well done!“

“Beautiful! I love the ambient feel to your music very relaxing and soothing to the ears and heart.”

“Beautiful musical tracks! I love the harp playing”

“I’m sincerely enjoying relaxing right now to your wonderful music, it sounds amazing.”




Support Nemeton 3

If you like the music, please purchase it on one of the many available sites for download preferably Bandcamp (but also iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation). If you choose to stream it on Spotify or other sites, please join as a paid member so all artists get paid better for their work. Very little compensation reaches the niche artist these days. Fan support is greatly appreciated.
Making music is a part-time activity for many musicians. Fan support is a huge motivator to the creative process. Thank you in advance for your support and listening to the music.