Windows has been in the marketplace over annually now and has received, let us call them, less than good reviews. Windows 10 people are offered a completely new UI that many say is just a hodgepodge of ideas all combined together to make a horrific user experience. What Microsoft did would be to slap a supplement interface to a desktop environment and given the consumer no way around it.
While users can access a somewhat more standard desktop, Microsoft within their perception, decided it far better take away the start button. How better to thwart people looking for some kind of fallback method to some more familiar interface? Although there is a means customers may have their start button returned for them inside involves the purchase of third party software plus a little bit of technical understands how not usually present in a typical computer user.

Alternatives to Windows 10

Microsoft’s head of Windows Julie Larson-Green says it will take Windows 10 users between “two days and two weeks” to obtain used for the Windows program. Not great news for those who use their Laptop’s to acquire real work performed on the daily basis. This might be one reason that Window 10 is lagging far behind the use costs of Windows 7, and also Vista, at similar factors inside their release cycles receiving just a portion of the expected market share since release.
What’s promising is the fact that there is an alternate to Windows 10 that’s free, open source and able to be customized to match you as well as the way you work, Ubuntu Linux.
Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04
Ubuntu Linux has existed for over a decade and has become among the hottest Linux distributions worldwide. It is released and maintained by UK-based Canonical Inc. owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttlesworth.
Ubuntu is free to utilize and install on as numerous computers while you just as in no restrictions. The existing model is 16.10, however, many might select the slightly older version 14.04 LTS Long Lasting Support Discharge as this will be recognized for 5 years.