Rumors are flying that there is fake music streaming on Spotify and even Amazon. As an artist, one has a hard enough time getting fair play, distribution and pay for their hard work. Now an artist has new competition: from artists that don’t exist! You could be streaming or buying your relaxation music from fake artists.  You may be happy with the way it sounds and moves you in a good way.  But you may be listening to recycled or repackaged music that at this point no one is sure who created it. The amount of streamed plays is estimated to be 75,000,000 on Spotify.

With our new music technology it is very possible to created generic, computer generated music perfect in every way but devoid of life and expression.  As the machines rise to play a greater role in the world we live in with more automation of work and driverless cars, lets not forget to enjoy the beauty of human creativity. The beauty of music from a skilled hand or a voice is a gift to be shared and celebrated.

When you stream or buy music,  ask yourself if you want your money to go to a real artist or into the corporate bank account. With Nemeton 3 music, it is real music with real thought and effort behind it. I want to make it real.