I created this song to be good for either falling asleep to for meditation. I gently drift into sleep after a long day with this song. I play it nearly every night at a low volume at bed and it has stood the test of time. How does a 45+ minute song get put together?… Read More

Nemeton 3 is coming to YouTube in a big way. As a supplement to the normal single and album releases coming, Nemeton 3 will have unique tracks available on YouTube. Many will be “shorts” or one minute meditations. There will also be long songs for background music. Great for reading or at work to promote… Read More

What is the draw of this music? When you listen to a pop song with lyrics it will take you on someone else’s journey and perhaps it is similar to a journey that you are on or have been on. Without lyrics that story is not there and it is just music. Now you can… Read More

Just in time for Halloween 2016, Nemeton 3 releases the single ‘Summon The Darkness”. This is a new dark ambient tune sure to give you shivers up and down your spine. ola new user offer After a long break from making new music Nemeton 3 starts a new creative cycle exploring new realms of ambient… Read More

Time tends to run by rather quickly due to external forces beyond your control. Sometimes it takes great effort to overcome the inertia that sets in that prevents you from progressing on projects. But sometimes the flood of things to do recedes and you are left with – time and energy. The fall and winter… Read More

Nemeton III is a lifetime project with a continual stream of music expected to be released. Unfortunately, events in time tend to give you obstacles that prevent you from proceeding on music projects. Lack of time, lack of inspiration, lack of musical ability, and music equipment issues are setbacks for all musicians. download cydia Thankfully,… Read More