Data transfer made easy without the internet or Bluetooth connectivity with shareit

The latest era of technology has made data available paperless which means that almost all data is digitized. It has also been a necessity for data transfer often in this busy working environment. This has made data transfer from one device to the other frequent on daily basis. Also, the introduction of smartphones is friendly which helps in easy and quick data transfer. In that manner, the shareit  app which has been introduced as the world’s fastest method to transfer data.

Captivating features of shareit app

The download of shareit is very easy which can be achieved from various links available online.

  • Sharing: anywhere, anytime, any files can be transferred to recipient devices at very high speeds. The app is user-friendly and file transfer is made easy for first time user.
  • Safe and secured: The app is completely safe and secured as data is transferred directly and not in cloud storage.
  • User-friendly: The design and development of app has been made very simple and easy for first time users. The transfer and receiving of files are done in just a few clicks. It has relieved users from pairing devices or linking with Bluetooth. The user just needs to select the receiver, select content and send.
  • Faster and Fastest: The shareit app is said to be one of the fastest ways for transfer of files. It does not take hours as in previous editions. Also, the transfer speed is said to be from 10 to 15 MBPS. This speed is fastest when made a comparison with Bluetooth to Send Whatsapp Videos. It takes just a few seconds for 1 GB of data to be transferred to any device within range.

With all these features, it is also mandatory to mention that it uses less battery power. Devices with inter platform devices are ones that work and it is also handy and light to use.

Shareit is the best and free file sharing application obtainable in all official languages across the globe. Music, videos, files, app, images and more can be shared on cross platform devices. The latest version of shareit 3.8.25 is available online for users to download. Hence users can download shareit and make the best use of it in their day to day data transfer. Users can stay linked with friends without any size restrictions.