I created this song to be good for either falling asleep to for meditation. I gently drift into sleep after a long day with this song. I play it nearly every night at a low volume at bed and it has stood the test of time.

How does a 45+ minute song get put together?

In big pieces. It is actually quite time consuming creating and managing such a large music file. Making meditation music needs to be soothing but interesting. It should not have abrupt mood changes that would startle you out of your relaxation state. There needs to be variation so it doesn’t sound repeated over and over again. Great for relaxation, for reading, for better focus at work, and for sleep.

What is the name mean?

You can drift into your own better world that you create, where you control it all. Daydream or sleep dream in a better place. Make it your dreamscape.

My Dreamscape can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.