Nemeton III is a lifetime project with a continual stream of music expected to be released. Unfortunately, events in time tend to give you obstacles that prevent you from proceeding on music projects. Lack of time, lack of inspiration, lack of musical ability, and music equipment issues are setbacks for all musicians.

Thankfully, the road ahead now seems clearer and I am excited for the new possibilities for Nemeton III.

The ability to release songs one at a time for digital release is wonderful because a few or more songs can be released over a year’s time. The procrastinating artist finally gets a sense of accomplishment. An album would just take forever it seems.

What’s coming up? More recordings and finishing touches on things I have already recorded. As a perfectionist, it is very hard to get things finished, but eventually I do. My hope is that the listener hears the depth and richness of the music I record. I try to give a wall of sound effect with many sound layers weaving in, out and around. Escape to another world with soothing sounds.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. If my music moves you, I have succeeded in making meaningful music.


William J Reifenrath
Nemeton III