Time tends to run by rather quickly due to external forces beyond your control. Sometimes it takes great effort to overcome the inertia that sets in that prevents you from progressing on projects. But sometimes the flood of things to do recedes and you are left with – time and energy. The fall and winter seasons seem to allow for more creativity and I intend to jump on it.

What to expect

I have been pondering on the release singles every month or so or just release an album a year.

The idea releasing singles more often has not worked out as planned due to other projects and demands on my time. I am now leaning towards jumping in and putting an album together within the next few months. It would be around 40 minutes of ambient music. I prefer shorter albums because once you get to 60-70 minutes the listener can get worn out and there tends to be too much repetition and filler. I will explore some deep, dark ambient as well as more happier ambient music to balance everything out. I have a lot of ideas and a huge sound library and many instruments to employ in this project.


I plan to make the music available on all the major outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and others. I will also make it available usually for slightly cheaper on Bandcamp. I may offer limited single releases on Spotify and other streaming services. I personally like to buy and own music. I am old school that way, but I am beginning to stream music more and more. The problem with streaming services for the artist is that very little is earned. I would not issue a physical CD. I have personally moved away from buying CDs toward all digital on all my devices. I have music on my phone, my tablet, my computer, and using Bluetooth. So many options. I can dig up an old classic favorite anywhere without browsing stacks of physical CDs. You can make playlists of many combinations.  Technology is awesome.

Time to get busy

I have been talking about releasing new music for too long now so it is time to put it into action. So, look for new music releases coming out as singles in November and December 2016 and I will plan on creating a full album in early 2017. The journey is ahead.

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