Mozilla is one of the popular organizations that have launched a stable version for both the Desktop and Mobile Firefox browsers today that offers UI tweaks on Android. It has also included a new feature that Firefox 38, a click here can now play the video content on its desktop version in a secure and protected mode.

Firefox 38 brings Support for playing protected Video Content on the Desktop

As the latest version of Firefox has a built-in DRM protected content, Firefox lets its users a provision of watching the video content from Netflix in a protected view. As explained in the latest blog posted today, it is clear that this Firefox version 38 launched by Mozilla supports desktop by including Adobe Content Decryption Module (CDM). This allows the video content to be played back in a protected way even it gets placed in the HTML 5 video tag.

It is well-known that Firefox is an open-source browser that is being visited by some of the users who are not very much satisfied with the commencement of registered RDM Technology. However, Mozilla Organization has predicted this earlier and now it is bringing this Firefox 38 browser without utilizing CDM support for the users who doesn’t require streaming the video content from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many other services.

Features of Mozilla Firefox 38

Firefox 38 browser supports the Ruby HTML 5 markup that facilitates to display the enunciation of people from Japan and China.
It has envisioned at making the effort of developers in a serene way by some couple of tweaks.
For the Android users, a new mobile Firefox version is included that supports Ruby markup and provides tweaked screens and interfaces.
There is a new ‘Welcome screen,’ Reader View controls and an innovative Synchronized Tabs panel layout for Tablets.