What is the draw of this music? When you listen to a pop song with lyrics it will take you on someone else’s journey and perhaps it is similar to a journey that you are on or have been on. Without lyrics that story is not there and it is just music. Now you can control where your mind goes. Your journey, not someone else’s. Yes, the music may have a mood and may pull you in one direction or another, but still you can provide the vision for the music. An uplifting song such as my “Freedom’s March” can lift you up and then you can project your vision to ride with the music.
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Nemeton III music calms the mind
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Sometimes you need to stop the environmental chatter and you need quiet. But, no, the silence is deafening. You need something soothing, something flowing, something relaxing. Yes, ambient or new age (using that old term) fits the bill for this moment of peace you crave. From my perspective, living a busy life at work and then at home with young children, those moments are cherished when all is quiet and I have beautiful instrumental music playing in the background. My mind is free to roam, to dream and to conquer the troubles that have been dragging me down. At this moment of writing I am listen to awesome, relaxing music. All else is quiet. A glass of wine enhances the mood and the feeling of relaxation. Yes, after a long day, a long week, I need this.

This is a good place to be.